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The Clarion Call

Most of us don’t know the horrors of war. We do not see the chaos in our country that is so common in other nations around the world. This is thanks in large part to the sacrifice of our veterans over the many decades of our nations history.

The fact that these events are foreign to most people in our society is strong testimony to the effectiveness of our military at keeping our defense off our shores and our enemies away from our people. There are a lot of people who also help keep the peace right here in the streets. Police, firefighters, and EMS personnel. There are support personnel who are critical to getting the right people to the right places in times of crisis. 911 Dispatchers who wait for that paniced call,

All of these people are providing a service to our nation that most of us have the luxury of taking for granted because they do such a good job that we are unaware of what efforts it takes to get it done.

On Veterans Day I thought I would just say ‘Thank You” to all that have served our nation so well over the years.


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