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I like to write about subjects that interest me and I hope it interests some of our readers. Once in awhile, there is an item that I have found useful in the past or that I am interested in and I like to share that item with everyone. It is hard to do because pictures are not always available and descriptions are difficult to follow. So I set up a new page with a little feature that will allow me to share some of these things with anyone who wants to see them for themselves. It is a store. I have selected items to be featured in the IGT store that I have used or would want to use. It will allow you to see what the item is and get an idea of what it’s price is. If you are interested in getting the item, you can use the info in the store to help you find it or order it directly through the store. Whether you buy it through us or at your favorite supplier you will at least know what I am talking about before you go searching for it. If you purchase the item through the store a small portion of the proceeds go to support the site but either way it allows me to share a more accurate picture of an item with you. I hope this is a useful way to share this info with you.

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